Joshua Newland

Rookie (9/29/1977-9/23/2011)

Biography of Joshua Newland

Most of Joshua's poetry will never be published online, and may be lost forever. What is left are the few poems he published on and on his Facebook page. His greatest influence in poetry was his poetry teacher at Bowman High School, who was a beatnik in his time.

Born in California to his mother Linda and his father David, Joshua was the second of five children. He spent a few years of his childhood in Stuttgart, Arkansas and grew up just north of Los Angeles, California in Sunland and Santa Clarita. He attended Saugus High School, Bowman High School, and Herbert Hoover High School before earning his GED and apprenticing as a plumber. He began his own plumbing business and had three children with his wife. When the economy experienced a downturn he went back to work for a bigger company and spent his spare time caring for his family, raising money for cancer and other causes, and publishing a blog meant to empower home owners to choose an honest plumber, someone not trying to take advantage of them. He found much joy in God and spreading the word of Him while upholding the values of his upbringing, even in turbulent times. Poetry was a way of expression for him, a way to work through difficult thoughts. His accidental death came as a shock to his family and friends: his presence on this Earth will be missed by all.

Joshua Newland's Works:

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Remember The Night

The street is desolate
All around gather shadows
Remember, She's here
That night she was here
A month has changed the trees
From green, to yellow-orange
Frail girl with blond hair
Didn't see her there
Breeze lovely stirs the leaves

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