Joshua Thomas Gage

Rookie (June 26,1990 / Lowell, Ma)

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Joshua Thomas Gage poet

My name is josh im 21 years old as of June 26,2011. I graduated from Oakmont High School in 08'. I was born and raised in Lowell, MA. I am currently stationed at Dover AFB in Delaware =(=(. I am enlisted in the United Stats Air Force and have only one year left. I plan on doing the full 20 years if not more. I am very loyal and outgoing. I am not easily pissed off or frusterated but when you do cross that line it gets bad =) . I am sorta religious, i belive in god and jesus and heaven and hell and i read alot into politics and what is going on in the world. I just find it interesting what the bible says and what people portray it as.
For any more information my facebook link is http: //! /joshua.gage or you can just search joshua thomas gage. Take care guys- and Remember live life to the fullest extent- Live as if it was your last day.

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That Girl

When I look into her eyes
I can see the vast blue skies
Not only is she beautiful
Her personality shines right on through

Her head covered in silky fire
She satisfies every need and desire
I could not wish for anymore
Makes me happy just to be around her

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