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JOSIE WHITEHEAD - children's poet.: In 2007 I had almost 400 of my poems chosen by teachers of West Yorkshire and they were then published in five books. The publisher: AMS Educational Leeds. Since then they have been published by Oxford University Press and CGP Books who are the principal educational publisher in the UK. I'm moving my poems from my five old websites to the new one I'm creating and you only need write on Google to go straight to it. I do hope you like it. In 2007 I had written 400 poems but now I've written 1,450 altogether. I love writing with perfect rhyme, with excellent metre and with stories and pictures painted in words. One of my poems has been animated (The Wizard of Alderley Edge) , and one has gone into an opera which was staged in Los Angeles: (A Little Green Caterpillar) . Some of the poems have been turned into songs (see poems for younger children) and many artists have added their wonderful work to mine. I put voice recordings with every one of my poems as I think poetry should be heard first and foremost and reading poetry comes second. In 2007 I was given the title: Inspirational Children's Poet 2007 by children in 132 countries of the world. You'll see this on the internet. Josie whitehead)

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Josie Whitehead Popularity

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