Joy Powell Poems

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You Will Never Forget

The only one who loved you
who could have given you the world …
But you grew tired of waiting…
I told you I was not ready in the beginning

I Once Thought

I must give up on life
And turn into a stone
The desert wind quite suited me
No heart, no mind-just bone

Let Love Speak

The first time I have ever loved:
Yours, the first face I cannot forget.
I think you are afraid, perhaps, and moved
To wonder whether you should do this yet.

Remember Me

in quiet days..
while raindrops whisper on your pane...
but in your memories have no regret....
let the joy remain

Even Though My Tears Have Dried

The sorrow still remains
I so long for love from thee
but chains won, t set me free
My heart is full of love for one


the pain was too much to bare
I got lost between the stars and somewhere
where thoughts were a maze
that I do no remember

A Thought Of You

left a smile on my face
regardless of our situation
I still glow within from
the love...


is a priceless gift
that cannot be bought or sold
its value is far greater
that a mountain made of gold

A Nurses Prayer

come walk with me among these halls
with your children weak or strong
I'll hold their hearts close to my own
until the time you call them home

No One Loves You Morethan I

Not even your own mother
Our love goes deep within our souls
That’s why we understand each other
No wind, nor rain or sleet nor snow