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i try my best to get whats in my heart sorted out in my head and then expressed in my writings...sometimes that works...sometimes not....i havent written for a while because the sorting out in my head part is the hardest....i'll get there though...and to all of you who share your poems here, you are sharing much more than whether they are dark & gloomy or come from a broken heart, political or fun or full of matter what...they are part of you...and to that i say 'thank you' for sharing....peace..... Updates

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Thank you Dave, you set the pace
Coming up with more 'rock' things
puts me between a rock and hard place.....

David, you are a 'crazy' guy
Sheet rock, bed rock, Chris Rock too....
I got Rocks in the Head, all cuz of YOU!

This whole thing put me in shock....

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