Joyce Msonda

Rookie (Blantyre, Malawi)

Biography of Joyce Msonda

In life, as it may appear, we all long for freedom. The freedom that people would freely die for.
Freedom to live, to fall in love, to go on numerous ventures, and freedom to express ourselves in the most simplest of forms, however we choose to do it.
These words are my diary screaming out loud. Take a leap of freedom with me. Updates


Anxiety hitting you every corner
adrenaline rushing through your blood
A craving so deep you can't hold it
Heart beating too fast as if a heart attack
is right around the corner.
Every feeling about everything else in the world numbs.
Time ticks at every moment longer you have to wait.
Every breath taken, is longing more than the other.
You breathe, like it may be your last breathe.

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