Joyleen Heneker

Rookie (16/april / Port Augusta/live in whyalla now)

Biography of Joyleen Heneker

For most my life i have faught what i thought was a loosing battle with anorexia/bulimia and suicidal thoughts and commited several times. My poems are based on some of my experiences, times when i needed to escape, etc. I refer to a Name called Bella alot in my poems, Bella is what i had named my Eating disorder> Bella to me was a powerfull name.
Sorry if you find that some of my poems are explicit but these poems do not get any more real then what they are. Please i would love to hear what you think as i generally do not share these with no one, But one day would love to write a book based on my battle with it all, and my poems also. THank you for taking your time in reading them

Joyleen Heneker's Works:

None, Its my dream to though Updates

What Is Life Worth

What is life worth to some one?
What does it mean to live life?

Is life when you live it?
Or maybe life is when it’s full of devotion, honor, and happiness?

Is life when you’re full of love?
and when your loved back

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