jude cullup

Rookie (October 31,1989 - December 19,2011 / Manchester, England)

Biography of jude cullup

PLEASE READ: My name is Nathan Parker, long time friend of Jude Cullup. Jude was born in Manchester, England and grew up as an only child. He began writing when he was 16 after dropping out of school. He began working in a ship yard at a nearby town and wrote poems and articles for magazines. One of his poems is even read at the beginning of a movie here in the U.S., though I am not certain of the film's title. I went to school with him until he dropped out. He was a very charismatic and intelligent person. Always making people laugh. He never failed to throw a witty comment into any conversation. Jude shot himself on December 19th of 2011 due to his loneliness and depression after the disappearance of his mother, whom to this day, has not been found. He had just turned 23 years old. He often complained of the dullness in our society and the way no one would ever make sense of him. I now live in the U.S. and want his poems to be known, so I have created a profile for him on this site. Thank you for reading about my friend Jude and I hope you enjoy his passages.

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The Beach

as the boy and the girl ran out
from their station wagon,
the beach was happy.
it was happy to have their small footprints upon it,
was happy to have holes dug into it
with plastic shovels,
it was even happy to have paper wrapers
blowing about after they'd gone.
but the beach knew that there would no longer be this to look

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