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  • Cassandra Matthew (2/5/2009 4:52:00 PM)

    I love all your poems. I think they are touching and true.

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  • Ogunade Soji Sammy Jones (2/5/2008 9:09:00 AM)

    jonwo2@yahoo.pl.it will be interesting to hear from u debo

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  • Nikki D (10/2/2007 10:20:00 PM)

    I love your poem 'Peaceful Prayers' and I have a question for you about it.

    Would you mind if i use it in a vid i want to make. I was going to write my own but you poem fits perfectly with the music i have chosen. It will be a very simple vid and I will be posting it on you tube. I will accnolage you as the writer at the end of the vid as well.

    Get back to me with your answer...my email is

    Again amazing work.

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Best Poem of Jude Ogunade

Bunmi - Ever Since You Left!

Ever since you left,
I have been unkempt.
The sun drying my tears.
The moon habouring my fears.

Bunmi, you are the lion
Belching in valiant actions.
Bunmi, you are the diamond
Tightening our brotherly bond.

No food tasty enough,
Only knowledge I plough
My tears like torrents,
Tearing my nightly tents.

The callousness of virtue,
Aids the triumph of evil.
A score year and seven,
Leaves me sorely even.

Evil now insults virtues.
Discipline eats residues.
Indolence berates valour.
Innocence emits rancour.

Ever ...

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All To You

I will be the shade from the scorching sun
I will be the oasis in the parched desert
I will never like others from you ever depart
I will be with you always from now till ever

I will be the umbrella from the raging rain
I will be the balm to soothe every prickling pain
I will with love redo all that has been undone
I will with attention adore you in my heated heart