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41. Abstract Tension 3/8/2012
42. Blue Instrumental 3/8/2012
43. The Only Thing I Know 4/4/2012
44. Moment 5/25/2005
45. Karl 5/24/2005
46. Love 5/24/2005
47. One Tide 10/7/2005
48. Perhaps More 11/2/2005
49. Pool 5/25/2005
50. Cosmic Portal 12/14/2006
51. Jerome 5/24/2005
52. Autumn Blue 11/4/2005
53. London Jazz 10/7/2005

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London Jazz

Morning rush-hour sounds cavort with newspapers
that fly across cobblestone streets into open doorways.
Subway sounds rush through London's waking dreams.
The scent of coffee hovers in the air while music begins to life-play.
Horses gaze at speeding thoughts.
And roadways of streaming lights paint abstracts across the landscape.
The sky dreams in colours of leaden grey
while windows open to capture the morning's imagination.
Clouds speed across avenues of words,
And papers rustle;
in the wind.
Tea pours into empty cups,
It ...

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Bles Tak

Run into a cold morning when trolls sing the sagas to a golden sea.
Run into the colours of the northern lights when Reykjavik dreams.
Run with your eyes closed into the winter wind when candles glow from windows covered in lace.
Run when truth and storm collide on a cold Icelandic night.
Run into the colours of a dream before infinity awakens you.
Run into the sound your heart makes when the soul finds the answer in a coffee cup in a midnight cafe.
Run to his voice and whisper 'Bl

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