Judy Alegria

Rookie - 2 Points (1984- / Texas)

Biography of Judy Alegria

Judith Alegria-Gutierrez is a 25 year old hispanic raised in South Texas. She is married and now lives in Southern California.

FYI: I enjoy writing through others eyes. I like to look at life through different angels, in different situations and in a different age. If I only saw life through my eyes, I would have died without ever having lived.

*I DON'T HAVE MANY POEMS LISTED SINCE I WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED. ALL LISTED ARE PROTECTED POEMS. Plagerizers that take my work as there own or don't give credit, will be sued.

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Where have all the men gone,
the ones that love and hold one true,
the ones that romance and adore,
just one, just one....just you.

Where have all the men gone,
the ones that fill there gut with pride
but at the site of there love,
they love a love they cannot hide.

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