Judy Nelson Eldawy

Biography of Judy Nelson Eldawy

Happily married wife and mother. Muslim American.Spends the school year in Egypt and summers in the US.

Judy Nelson Eldawy's Works:

works in Many Voices, One Faith-Anthology of Islamic poetry put out by the Islamic Writers Alliance
Many Voices, One Faith II-short story
Many Poetic Voices, One Faith(2010)

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Soliloquy On A Bohemian

Oh Byron, had you lived today
Would you have penned,
'She walks in Beauty like the night....? '
I rather think you would have said,
'She struts in Squalour by Twilight
Which casts it's pall on seedy 'hoods
And all that is innocent bliss
Dies nascent in childish eyes
Where debauchery rules with an iron fist

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