Juggalette Missa

Rookie (june 12th 1992 / C bus)

Biography of Juggalette Missa

'Cemetery lady, my cemetery girl, cemetery baby i want you in my world, Cemetery woman we can still be down cuz your more then just a corpse to a psychopathic clown! ' <-Best Song Ever! Anyways im a total Metalhead Stoner Juggalette.MMFWCL! ! ! I'm just getting over some hardcore drugs problems So my lifes pretty chiodic.I'm trying to better myself so please no drama! I think all guys are jerks or maybe its just me.lol I b Runnin' wit da hatchet and keep it wicked! I beem writing sice i was 8. I guess being in a mental hospital so much theres nothing better to do..

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How Come?

Why do I bother living?
when i know i'm unwanted,
All these memories of those fight and harsh words keep me hounted,
Tired of Waiting for then to fade and disappear,
Repeating over and over in my head like a never ending nightmare,
Trying to mend my empty and broken heart,
But how can you fix something that wasn't whole from the start,
Wondering if i'll ever find eternal peace,
Choking on all the pain and sorrow like a deathly disease,

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