Juggalette Missa

Rookie (june 12th 1992 / C bus)

Juggalette Missa Poems

1. Perfect Fantazy! 6/30/2009
2. For I Am 6/30/2009
3. Happiness Fall! 6/30/2009
4. A Cut! 6/30/2009
5. Cutting! 6/30/2009
6. Help 6/30/2009
7. Why? 6/30/2009
8. A Place 6/30/2009
9. My Own Private Suicide 6/30/2009
10. The Truth 6/30/2009
11. Lifes Mission 6/30/2009
12. Why Wont You Just Die 6/30/2009
13. Suicide 6/30/2009
14. I Got You Back 6/30/2009
15. Tonight 6/30/2009
16. Gods Foes 6/30/2009
17. My Special Friend 6/30/2009
18. I'M Sorry 6/30/2009
19. Notice 6/30/2009
20. I Loved You So! 6/30/2009
21. Snow White 6/30/2009
22. Broken Home.... 6/30/2009
23. How Come? 6/30/2009
24. What I'Ve Become! 6/30/2009
25. Drugs! 6/30/2009
26. I'M Dead But Yet Still Breathing! 6/30/2009

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Best Poem of Juggalette Missa

I'M Dead But Yet Still Breathing!

I'm dead but yet still breathing,
All these voices in my head screaming,
Telling me to end all the pain,
Driving me insane,
I wanna make them stop,
There pushing me over the top,
Falling deeper and deeper into this sea of blood and sorrow,
Today is just yesterdays tomarrow,
Everyday the same ruiteen,
Just another F*cked up teen,
Thriving to find something better,
Before there soul gets any deader

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What I'Ve Become!

Over and over i ask myself what could be wrong with me,
When i look in to the mirror i don't reconize what i see,
I used to be so happy even normal if you most say,
Sometime i wish i could go back and relive those days,
The person that i'm looking at wears black lipstick and way to much eyeliner,
Carves words in her wrist that she says defines her,
She's got snakebites in her lip and you'll neve see her smile,
Everyone knows shes addicted to drugs but yet shes in denial,
Black is

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