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well for me poems are a way of expressing emotions and feelings.
things that cannot be expressed just throught words.
for me writing poems is a perfect getaway from life for a few minutes and expressing myself.
i feel while writing the best part is that you do not need to impress people..its just you and the words.
i hope you enjoy the poems that i post.

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Not A Lie

You made me believe love existed
Every moment with u was a happy one
Yet somethings are just not ment to be
Still dere worth a try, coz dey teach us not everything in life turns out ryt. You taught me to love again
You brought back my old smile which i thought ws lost behind agony and pain You've made me feel glad every second ive been around u
And wen ur far away ur still on my mind.
So wen dis dint wrk out, coz i wsent able to manage
It was just one choice for me..you or my life
Nevr h

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