Julia Kleinschmidt

Biography of Julia Kleinschmidt

I was born and raised in San Lorenzo, California and have been blessed for eighteen years with the worlds greatest mom and the best supportive family and loved ones. I am truly fortunate to be so lucky. I live a pretty normal life and my name isn't well known; at least, not yet. Ever since I was little I’ve had a passion and strength in acting and I’ve always felt very proud of that. As well as acting I love to sing, write stories and poems, and dance. I'm a caring, sensitive, empathetic, sincere, funny, talented, and strong person. My family and friends are the most important things to me. I have the best family who are extremely funny and great to talk to and spend time with. They want me to chase my dreams as much as I do.

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A Child's Innocence

Swinging gently to each glowing bean
From infant eyes can they only be seen
They drift delicately across each glowing star
Enlightening and making us who we are
Their wings seem so weightless their eyes so bright
They’re whispering and beckoning you into the night
From where you stand you fear this might be
The last of them you’ll ever see
Your eyes are no longer as young as they were

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