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where to start from? well i was born on May 21st 1993 at 3: 25 pm. when i was 3 or 4 months old my dad cheated on my mom and well my mom ran from him.3 years later my mom got married with my step dad. i always hated him. my brother was born on june 10th of the next year (1997) . i always loved my brother but with recent things going on i sometime feel that i hate him. my first girlfriend was at the age of 3, her name was Celeste (cant really recall her last name) likewise some people said i loved her much but i dont know the truth. i was young at the time and well my mom said we split up because i said i had another girl. serously i dont know anything about that. Then at age 7 i met a very interesting and beautiful girl. i got obsessed with her and it got out of hand. my obsession ended at around age probably 15. i made her have a hard time and well things ended up going the wrong way. when i was in 6th grade i met another girl. her name is arlette shes beautiful in every way.3 years later i fell for her again but only this time we were seperated on accident. in 7th grade i like another girl named Jeniffer, shes hot as hell and friendly too. my love life is not that cool. I started to write poems when i was 9, since i was in LA score poetry classes. Since then i started writing. But it wasnt til age 12 that i started making love poems. Im not satisfied if i dont have a pen or pencil, paper, or something to write my ideas on. so most of the time i dont leave my house without my sidekick or a pen/pencil and a small pocket size notebook. i also love to write movie scripts. all of my first drafts i write on my sidekick (2008) from them i edit them and then i post them up.Right now im in highschool. there is this one girl that i like and i madea poem for her. i still dont have a title for it. the name of the girl is Lorena. read the poem to get the idea.so this is pretty much my life sumed in accouple of words. one last thing enjoy my poems...

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Maybe...we are not all the same,
but we have so many differences to share.
And maybe... things are for the best,
But somethings never change

Because i love you,
Every second feels like a day,
Each hour is like a day,
And each day feels like a year.

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