Julian Nguyen

Rookie (7/01/91 / Edmonds, Washington)

Biography of Julian Nguyen

My name is Julian. Im from Washington and Im 16. Im an outgoing guy who loves to have fun. though when I feel hurt I like to write poems its something part of me I can express in my own imagination. Recetly a friend girl broke the relationship between us or our friendship...some of the poems was about her when she was there for me. Things changed and how I wrote my peoms about my feelings, sorrow, the memories, and that i have to forget and move on. its not easy. However i found this special friend name sanna who is from finland she gave this adice 'I don't regret anything except the things I never did.' i should be proud of how i risk being close to her and showed her a different view besideds her boyfriend. her boyfriend called our friendship with her and i off. dont know what i did or could do. the past is the past. Let me introduce myself Im Julian Nguyen, a above average student in highschool who is taking college classes as well since hes a junior. I don't regret anything anymore. But ill like to tribute the poems I made to the person I hate very much the one I loved, the one who forgot about our memories, to Kirsten.

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My Golden Lover

In a faraway dream,
Where golden lies and tempting truths live within,
A sunburst light washes the whole world,
The reverberation of great laughter echoes across the ocean,
Swift, strong winds carry the clouds closer,
To form a grinning, homely face.

In the midst of the captivating dream,
A whisper so quiet that calls my name,

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