Julian Salvacion

Biography of Julian Salvacion

before me stands the pillars of hatred; creeping from the walls that imprisons me, are the visions that i will never conquer.. i failed but yet still standing in the midst of the war... an angel fallen... before god i seek my shelter...my hands are tied from the chamber of my past. in circles i am lost, struggling to free one soul, choked in silence, for twelve cycles of the moon i was dead, before the throne of eros i was condemned, broken into pieces were dreams that was crawling from the wall... i have drunk in the chalice of regrets... powerless my body slowly taking the beating of my yesteryears holocaust... my soul slowly burns as my eyes were blinded. but from the mountain of Zion i tamed my own beast. i have died so many times and lived again to tell my tale.no laws shall bound me now from moving on. i was undead by time.. but i know the end shall come near.. for in the eyes of man i have sinned... in the hands of God i will be judged... -julian- i never stay.. am just another traveller passing by.. my love is vengeance... my love is cursed...

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Song For A Tulip

“Song For A Tulip”
By: Benedict Salvacion

I loved thee in the quietness of the wind
thou laughter, thou eyes, those hair
swaying like the melodies of music
sweet as the morning dew at rest

I loved thee from the deepest of me

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