Juliana Spahr Poems

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In Imitation Of For Love

If he or she is clumsy in places, those are clumsy places
and when he or she says I have a lover or a husband or a wife, we or I feel sad,
or is it just clumsy?


The water is blackish, green, and dark.
It gathers from its separated state, gathers from rain, gathers into stream.
It gathers in the mountain.
It gathers then travels, collects to become brackish.

Thrashing Seems Crazy

this is true
a man in an alley grabbed my arm
this is true
someone called me an left the phone dangling at the post office

December 2, 2002

As it happens every night, beloveds, while we turned in the night
sleeping uneasily the world went on without us.
We live in our own time zone and there are only a small million of
us in this time zone and the world as a result has a tendency to


I hold out my hand.
I hand over
and I pass on.

Dynamic Positioning

It is dynamic positioning that
Allows a semi-submersible the

Ability to hover there over
The well. It is a thirty-six inch tube,



This is a place without a terrain a government that always
changes an unstable language. Even buildings disappear
from day to day.