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Well, I am J.jay. I am not really an important person. I just found this site to post my stuff. I dont want attention, I just want opinions...
I Believe in peace
Most of my writings are about my love PB. Which is now a past love of mine.
I have been through alot in my whole 16 years of life, i know i have a ton more coming too. I will be a junior this coming year, and there is always drama and tears in high school. What ever comes, comes and i will be ready for it =) And hopefull you will too, because i will be writing on here about it.
Well, my life is in my writings. If you have questions i will be glad to answer them.
Juliauna Brie(Jayjay)


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Okay, I am ready
I think I am finally steady
I just needed to prepare
So that i could see that you dont care

You dont see that she has you in a trance
Heck, I dont even stand a chance
You dont even care about how bad i am feeling
I guess there is just something you find about her that is much more apealing

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