julie lopez

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Biography of julie lopez

my name is julie lopez im a sweet outgoing short bubbly person who loves to dance sing and write.
i have two siblings and a crazy family. i moved to austin when my parents got divorced and ive been writing since i was little and i plan on writing more in the future

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My Beauty Hides

my beauty hides behind walls and lies.
she calls out but quites as the blade presses against my thighs.
my beauty hides behind mistakes and tears.
she smiles and pretends but she cant awake from her worst fears.
my beauty hides behind regret and envy.
she screams and claws because she wishes she was anyone but me.
my beauty hides behind broekn promisesand never.
doesnt she know i will always hide her forever?
my beauty hides behind never ending darkness and blame.

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