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Rookie (09-07-69 / Akron, Ohio)

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Julie Park poet

A little bit about myself: I toured with the techno-group 'Fem 2 Fem' for approximately three years, and charted in Billboard's top 5 and 40 in the dance charts, musically. I opened for acts such as ZZ Topp, Liza Minelli and Meatloaf. I toured with such acts/bands as Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, as well. I worked as a music co-ordinator on the movie Shiloh. I wrote stories for United Paramount Network for a TV show called '7 Days' and assisted the production in Vancouver, Canada. I also did casting and assisting with Vince McMahon on a reality show called 'Manhunt', that was shot in Kauai. I've worked, writing with Christopher crowe on an NBC movie called Homeland Security as well as many other projects. I modeled for 15 years for many clothing companies which led to me producing shoots, eventually. With the help of Scott Gilman (Sonny) I was able to record my original music and, becoming a member of ASCAP, licensed numerous productions to television. I am currently nose to the grind on a series of children's books as well as some irons in the fire on a new sceenplay. I currently am in rotation on the Spin and Karma radio with my music, and writing is my passion! When I was a wee girl, I always would say that if I can't marry a book, then I'll marry a writer. I still haven't got married; but I'm a writer! Creation willing; no pun intended!

Julie Park's Works:

I'm written about in the book Stairway to Heaven by Richard Cole and Showrunner's by David Wilde. However, that is an effort I am going full throttle into on my own for the first time. Why not write, right? It's the land of make believe. I make the story. Others believe it. But who makes the story in me? The sky tells me the story by carrying every experience from the beginning of time through and in it. Then, uses me as a conduit! I believe that!

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Forever And Ever, Friend

Lend me your heart. I shall borrow it forever. Give me your love. For eternity, this I shall treasure. I'll all ways be true to whom we are. The love of a friend cannot be measured. I shall give all of myself to you. I will walk away from you, never. Whence, in the darkness of the Eve, lit by the Moon. The way that I persuade you to me, it will be

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