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I am the youngest of 5 kids. The only girl. My father took me aside when I was 10, and said 'Julie, out of all the kids, you scare me the most. You are unpredictable and too independant. I am afraid you will be the runner.'
He was right, I did run.... What a confused little know it all I was to think that I could defend myself.... Instead of dying, I finally became the girl I should have been when I was 30, but now the woman who I finally recognised was not a boy or a Man, and know that 'anything 'he' can do 'she' can do better', was a silly liberal woman's thought.

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The tranny was slipping,
and the rear end wearily dipping.
The oil was black and probably low,
not to mention it's brakes were on the go.

Decisions decided, I thought I may,
limp it out on the road that day.
Duct tape applied to hold down the hood,
as I drove out to a man to trade in those goods.

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