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I am the youngest of 5 kids. The only girl. My father took me aside when I was 10, and said 'Julie, out of all the kids, you scare me the most. You are unpredictable and too independant. I am afraid you will be the runner.'
He was right, I did run.... What a confused little know it all I was to think that I could defend myself.... Instead of dying, I finally became the girl I should have been when I was 30, but now the woman who I finally recognised was not a boy or a Man, and know that 'anything 'he' can do 'she' can do better', was a silly liberal woman's thought.

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She's six thousand five hundred miles away.
We say a prayer for her every day.
That God brings her back to our wide open arms.
And that he keeps her safely away from what harms.
Cause she's six thousand five hundred miles away.
So we wait to hear from her every day.
We send her our love, our hugs and our kisses.
And tell her that she's the one everyone misses.
Oh, six thousand five hundred miles away.

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