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Biography of Julie Van Baale

I was raised on an acreage in the Midwest in a small town one in the city would refer to as a 'village'. Writing, painting and drawing were hobbies when I was in high school and college. Then those hobbies turned into nothing but dust collecting upon a shelf. My other hobbies include 'attempting to knitting', biking, exercising, cooking/baking, sometimes remember to clean the house when I'm not carpooling, scrapbooking and oh... photography. I would say camping but I'm not sure that is what we do. It is 'camping at an alternative way of living in a very fancy RV'- that to me is 'NOT CAMPING'! Oh yes... I forgot.. hiking. And off trail.. which can be dangerous too. Not good at that. It requires lots of use of the first aide kit on those adventures. ;)

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Meloncholy In The Soul

As I wake up each morning I realize 'I survived'
My body is weary and frail.
The sadness lurks upon me
It is a sense of a fog that I cannot run from.
Why does it haunt me?
I gaze into the mirror only to see an image that stares back
The image is vacant and full of desperation.
Due to years of abuse
Emotionless and unable to feel anything.

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