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This first poem was a 5 min poem i made up without any ones help. I wrote this because i am tired of people trying to be or act different just to make friends or trying to be compite with others or make others look bad. Yeah you mite want to be little miss or mr perfect but now ones perfect be you and dont ever change that because thats what every one loves about you. You mite want to change your way of being rude but never change the way peoplelove you. My aunt said hey your awsome dont ever change and i said i will never change for anyone or any thing cause i am who i am.

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The Love Of A Father

Nothing means more than the love of a father
daddy's little girl
is what you like to be called
its all you want
but the love of a father is much more
its what every girl want
daddy's little girl is one of the most beautiful thing
a father looks out for there girl
makes shore that no guy do any harm

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