Justin Ashford

Biography of Justin Ashford

I am a simple man of words, hopefully i can bring light to all people who cross my path.
Your poems are your poems, it is what it is, you are who you are, they are what they are, keep writng fellow poets.

Justin Ashford's Works:

My first book 'The Whole World Is Born Naked' is about to be published soon, watch this space.
My second book 'The Diary Of A Poem' hopefully will be published at the end of the year, God bless every living thing on this planet, from a child to a moth.

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I Pray

I Pray For Me
I Pray For You
I Pray For Children In Need
I Pray For Sun
I Pray For Rain
I Pray So The Farmer Can Sow His Seed
I Pray For Piece In Our World
I Pray For Change
I Pray For Growth

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