justin byerline Poems

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Edgar Allen Poe

This world is filthy
It's time to take out the trash
Turn it to ash
So it wont be infectious

A Tour Through Insanity

Taking a tour through insanity
a trip of nostalgia
glances of faces
and places gone by

Leaving A Mark

All i have to do is leave a mark
just a mark, even a small one
And then my life would be alot more meaningful
and less meaningless

The White Oak Tree

Let it go
Let it flow
Watch the grass grow
Insted of falling back

A Hoe Named Joe

Give me a new way
To the dawn of a new day
FInd me a hoe
Hope her name isn't Joe


Sometimes the only way to feel better
is to air our feelings
even if it is just to a piece of paper.
after all, a piece of paper can be more forgiving

Its Just Ok

No one knows
where the old road goes
but we know where it comes from
as the cold wind blows

Carpe Diem

when you spend your life fearing death
you'll spend your death hating life
carpe diem
drunk and alone

That Feeling

That feeling went away
but now its back again
like a terminal disease
this feeling will never end

Hour Of The Wolf

The hour of the wolf is over!
we made it.. so it seems
one more day...
what will we do...