Justin Gildow

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Justin Gildow Poems

281. Gothic Bride 2/11/2010
282. In This Town 2/11/2010
283. Valentine's Day 4/5/2010
284. Meeting With Peter The Parrot 4/17/2010
285. Captain Bell's Memorial 4/17/2010
286. Tunacola 4/17/2010
287. My First Meeting With The Fortune Teller Of Shecola 4/17/2010
288. My Second Meeting With The Fortune Teller Of Shecola 4/17/2010
289. Shecola 4/17/2010
290. My Third Visit With The Fortune Teller Of Shecola 4/17/2010
291. Meeting With Po The Poet 4/17/2010
292. Magical Girlfriend 6/6/2010
293. Pretty Mer Girl 6/22/2010
294. At Rikki's Cafe 9/6/2010
295. Scattering Flower Petals Across The Ocean Surface 9/6/2010
296. Flowers For Indiana 9/6/2010
297. Only The Stars Know 9/6/2010
298. Natalee Holloway (Lost One In Aruba) 9/8/2009
299. Somewhere In The Snuggery 2/11/2010
300. Love In Paradise 10/21/2010
301. Fly Away 1/24/2011
302. Beating The Heat With Sweet Willows Creamery Ice Cream At The Fairie Festival For Me And My Friends 1/25/2011
303. Your Shot Of Love 1/26/2011
304. Ninja Pizza 1/30/2011
305. Ninja Weapons And Pizza Slices 1/30/2011
306. Ninja Woman 1/30/2011
307. Ninja Woman (Reprise) 1/30/2011
308. Touring The Orient With Ying And Yang 1/30/2011
309. Come My Sweet, Come Hither My Love 1/30/2011
310. Henry Townshend 9/8/2007
311. Spade 9/8/2007
312. Wittenoom 9/8/2007
313. We Just Can'T Get Any More Tradition Than What We Have 9/8/2007
314. The Final Countdown To The Rave 9/8/2007
315. With Jennifer (The Memories Remain Of Ann, Laura, Lotte, And Walter) 9/8/2007
316. The Merry Maids Of Mayhem 10/11/2007
317. Outside The Gates To Dracula's Property 4/16/2011
318. Haunted Stables 4/16/2011
319. Haunted Barnyard 4/16/2011
320. A Dead Knight And His Horse 4/16/2011

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Best Poem of Justin Gildow

Father And Daughter

Father and daughter spend some quiet time together in the living room
Shining through the curtain is the sun
And outside is the glorious afternoon

Father reads to his daughter the poetry she loves
Father and daughter enjoy each other's company
Father takes his daughter by the hand
As they take a walk outside

Father cares for his daughter
And always wishes the very best to happen for her

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High School Musical

Tonight's the night for you all to shine
Tonight's the night for me to see the young at heart

Songs that spin many around and around
And in this atmosphere there are many things that I've felt, unearthed, and found

The audience enjoys what they're seeing
And I stand away all alone to listen and understand
For what it's worth

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