Justin Henry

Rookie (dec 27 1993 / somewhere in Nevada)

Biography of Justin Henry

Well...huh..theres not much to talk about..I'm just a teen..who writes really unclear poem/lyrics.

When writing, my biggest inspirations are from music, books, stories, movies, dreams, and even video games.

I think my poems would be better if I took more advanced english classes in the past 2 years,
but I just so happen to be an incredibly lazy and laid back person. Well next year I'll be taking advanced english, so everything should be cool

When I grow up I want to be like an artist or musician, but if those carreer choices don't work out, or If i retire, I'll probably turn to poetry.
I'm also thinking of writing a novel.
I want to write a book thats like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fused together only a little darker.

well i guess thats all....rate my poems or something

PoemHunter.com Updates

Your Only Imperfection

My questions with no answers is my only foe
begging for pleasure in the absense of woe,
bidding farewell to pain and sorrow.

I'm already mourning my life
hello to the old,
goodbye to the new,
Enter Hell
Enter purgatory
Enter the Gates
Forever a bore
Forever heaven
Forever Paradise

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