Justin Henry

Rookie (dec 27 1993 / somewhere in Nevada)

Biography of Justin Henry

Well...huh..theres not much to talk about..I'm just a teen..who writes really unclear poem/lyrics.

When writing, my biggest inspirations are from music, books, stories, movies, dreams, and even video games.

I think my poems would be better if I took more advanced english classes in the past 2 years,
but I just so happen to be an incredibly lazy and laid back person. Well next year I'll be taking advanced english, so everything should be cool

When I grow up I want to be like an artist or musician, but if those carreer choices don't work out, or If i retire, I'll probably turn to poetry.
I'm also thinking of writing a novel.
I want to write a book thats like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fused together only a little darker.

well i guess thats all....rate my poems or something

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Vultures Be Gone

Strip the flesh off the bone
pull it off, pull it off! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
A tug of war, tearing at your face.
They fly in circle, and sweep in for the kill
I yell 'Vultures be Gone', but they still
consume the corpses, piece by piece they are destroyed.
Watching is tearing at my soul,
watching them swarm across the battlefield.
Am I alive, or am I dead?

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