Justin Tang

Justin Tang Poems

1. Master Pieces 11/16/2006
2. Sprawl 11/18/2006
3. The Pen, The Heart, The Mirror 7/26/2007
4. Blue 8/1/2007
5. Tragic Beauty 8/1/2007
6. Price 8/1/2007
7. Sick And Tired 8/21/2007
8. In All Of Us 9/8/2007
9. Bitterness And Others 9/19/2007
10. Walls Come Tumbling Down 1/14/2008
11. Mlk 1/21/2008
12. Dark Side 8/21/2007
13. 3 Way Crash 9/19/2007
14. Joy 5/14/2014
15. While He May Be Found 5/21/2014
16. Many Titles 6/17/2014
17. The Book Of Life 9/11/2016
18. Pax Aeternam 9/11/2016
19. The Declaration Of Intransigence 9/23/2016
20. Der Ganzen Welt 2/23/2005
21. Dancefloor 7/10/2014

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Best Poem of Justin Tang


there is no part of the city that Love will refuse to dance
there is no one He'd refuse a dance with

but there are countless who think they can dance
though they refuse to go to His parties
not wanting to associate with 'those people'

there is no wretch He'd refuse dance lessons
no worm that He'd refuse to give legs and fit with shoes

but there are countless who'd raise barriers on the floor around Love
as if Love could be imprisoned, or walls could withstand His steps
and some who expect a crown or a tiara for hiding and 'protecting' Love

the ...

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Tragic Beauty

The heart is an organ
located in the middle left of the chest
it's main function is pumping blood through the body.
the heart pumps two thousand gallons a day
and metaphorically,
we can use it for other things
if only we'd learn
and learn
and remember

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