Justin Tang

Justin Tang Poems

1. Master Pieces 11/16/2006
2. Sprawl 11/18/2006
3. The Pen, The Heart, The Mirror 7/26/2007
4. Blue 8/1/2007
5. Tragic Beauty 8/1/2007
6. Price 8/1/2007
7. Sick And Tired 8/21/2007
8. In All Of Us 9/8/2007
9. Bitterness And Others 9/19/2007
10. Walls Come Tumbling Down 1/14/2008
11. Mlk 1/21/2008
12. Dark Side 8/21/2007
13. 3 Way Crash 9/19/2007
14. Joy 5/14/2014
15. While He May Be Found 5/21/2014
16. Many Titles 6/17/2014
17. The Book Of Life 9/11/2016
18. Pax Aeternam 9/11/2016
19. The Declaration Of Intransigence 9/23/2016
20. Der Ganzen Welt 2/23/2005
21. Dancefloor 7/10/2014

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The Pen, The Heart, The Mirror

The pen is mightier than the sword
the heart is weaker than a rat
i can't change this big world by myself
i can't live if you won't live
i can't dream enough to feed five thousand

if you can't break yourself away from
a mirror you'll have 70 years bad luck

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the city sprawls across a dirt heap of earth
a glistening parasite bearing metal teeth
laid out on the desk of a high school biology class
cars cutting lines across it
cars crashing and popping like failing organs

i don’t know what this is lying in front of me
it seems dead and at the same time alive