Justine Wallace

Biography of Justine Wallace

Justine Wallace is currently 16 years old and a high school student. Poetry is a passion of hers and has been for over four years. She has written about 250 poems.
Justine started writing lighthearted poetry with humorous themes in sixth grade, but as she grew older, the poems became intensely personal because most were based on her emotions. Poetry was- and still is- an outlet for feelings that could not be expressed or understood in any other fashion.
When she isn't writing, you might find her in various craft stores, as another passion of hers is making and selling handcrafted jewelry through her small business 'The Starving Jeweler.' Justine also knits, crochets, ties macramé bracelets, wire-smiths, makes three- dimensional origami sculptures, solves puzzle cubes, and plays euphonium. Even though Justine loves to read and write poetry, her head will most likely be buried in an astronomy book. After all, the stars are her second home.

Justine Wallace's Works:

My Heart Speaks

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Our Hands

The hand that rests against your cheek-
That's the hand I want to hold
As the world falls into entropy,
As we live while it grows cold.
Let the walls cave in,
Let the bits be blown apart,
As we watch without a care-
Hand in hand, heart to heart.
Let the sun fade into darkness,