Juvie Gubat

Juvie Gubat Quotes

  • ''Explanation is a privilege. Not all deserve it.''
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  • ''The crowd will follow, yes, but only after they try to bend you and fail. Stand firm.''
  • ''The more I see the capacity, the need, and even dependence of people towards bias and prejudice, I see sheep more than humans.''
  • ''Feminism is comfortable for men because it relieves them of their responsibility to lead. It is attractive to women because it feeds their illusion that they are in charge.''
  • ''When you think of ideals, you think of perfection. And when you think of perfection, you are dreaming. Now that is not so bad. After all, dreams are what make us humans. Idealism, then, is more human than sensuality, which is not a product of our dreams but of our instinct.''
  • ''The necessity of organized institutions stands as a testament to humanity's unreliability.''
    Society, Fallenness of Man

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Best Poem of Juvie Gubat

Living On

Long had slumber governed the pen
Though the wells of the soul had overflown
And the hands ached with the longing to release
The fiery passion that had crushed the bones.

Gentle but blazing as the stars in a clear night
Silent but enigmatic as the Hound of Orome
Motionless but ominous as the Queen in Charn
The pen lay still... awaiting for the appointed time to rise.

Then the dawn comes and ushers in the light of morning
And with their song the muses wipe out the sleep of the night.
A tidal wave of songs, and lays, and verses burst forth
And great is ...

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The Rousers

Twice have I roused a heart from its slumber;
Once has mine been, and it happened in between.
I ran away in the first instance to be with my rouser.
Now, I struggle to stay awake
For he whose heart I roused the second time
Forces me back to slumber.
For only when I am asleep
Can we be together.

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