Jyo Jottypoet

Biography of Jyo Jottypoet

Jyo Jottypoet is the pen name of a 20th century poet of Indian origin. He has written mostly in English (UK) but has also an enviable collection in Bengali and Hindi. Jyo also has a blog and posts his poems on facebook.Having written on a vast canvas of subjects, he joined poemhunter.com to share his poetry with the remarkable world of poets.

His poems on Nature, Love, Friendship, War, Women, Humour, Tragedy are very special and have a message for the reader and the society.

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See You Soon

Oh! Such is the maze between See and Saw
Life around ‘seeing’ is just a Seesaw
I said to her “See you soon”
And she heard me say, “See you Swoon”

Snapping all ties, said she - “I’ll see you” and bolted
I thought she was inside, but she actually ‘bolted’
At last I looked at the Sea and found ‘her’
And, again the see-saw began yonder.

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