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K.. K.. Poems

1. Cigars And Cherries 2/22/2007
2. I Sing From My Heart 2/23/2007
3. Lavasan 4/4/2007
4. The Day The Prophet Came To Town 4/24/2007
5. The Day The Prophet Came To Town Pt.2 4/24/2007
6. The Day The Prophet Came To Town Pt.3 4/24/2007
7. Touches 2/12/2010
8. You 2/17/2010
9. Cherries 2/18/2010
10. Flight 2/18/2010
11. Empty 3/3/2010
12. Rain 4/26/2007
13. Celebration? 7/4/2007
14. Jazz Man 3/2/2007
15. Tehran 4/6/2007
16. Poetry Expressions 5/17/2007
17. Orgasmic Ideas 6/22/2007
18. Quicksand 2/23/2007
19. Subway Train 4/4/2007
20. Dust And Bones 3/6/2007
21. I Cried Today 2/23/2007
22. Kisses In The Night 2/22/2007
23. Passionate Crime 2/22/2007
24. Silence 2/22/2007
25. In Memory Of... 3/1/2007
Best Poem of K.. K..

In Memory Of...

memory floats in oblivion
trying to grasp the meaning
memory slowly floating away
when there is nothing to hold
memory going away
as the coffin lid is closed
memory disappearing from the mind
shovels of dirt falling on the lid
opening in the darkness
memories coming in a rush
no one hearing
tears falling to the ground
puddles of rain forming around
memories of me
fading from existence

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Cigars And Cherries

Falling down the hole
letting the rush flow
Coming over so fast
Lighting my cigar
letting it roll over me
I like my cigars and cherries
come on and join
Who says you can't have your cake
And eat it too
they are to good
to just let slip away
layback and enjoy the ride

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