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its kind of funny, reading some of the comments people leave me. cuz they leave them on some of my least favorites saying that they are my best ones. oh well. we all have different oppinions(:

hello there(:
i know you may be thinking, 'your young to be a poet' but writing has always came natural to me. i started writing poetry in third grade. and well. it was terrible. but in due time i got better and have won awards for my short stories. poetry is my favorite type of writing and i love to hear what people think of my poems.
much love,
~~Kacey! (:

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none. yett; ;

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she is the master at charades
never letting them see who she really is
once they get too close she staggers back
and does all in her power to make them leave
prefering to hurt them with lies than to show them the truth
she does this while knowing she wants them
not only wants, but needs their love
but because of her lifes teachings all she can do is run
they beg her to stay, beg her to share her demons

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