kafil uddin raihan.

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161. War And Child....(01) 7/27/2009
162. My Imaginative Life 9/2/2009
163. War And Child....(02) 7/27/2009
164. Who Am I? 8/31/2009
165. Beneath The Lamp.... 8/9/2009
166. Balance......Imbalance! 8/16/2009
167. Alas Palestine! 7/27/2009
168. Joys Of Life..... 8/17/2009
169. A Prostitute.... 8/2/2009
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A Prostitute....

She is a mother,
She has loves,
She has dreams,
She is creative,
She is beautiful,
But above all to us,
She is a prostitute.

You hate her,
You scold her,
You leave her,
In the dark world,
You say her worse life,
To your all now,
She is a prostitute.

Can you answer me,
Why such identity of her?
Why she is so hated?
Who made her so?
The god or you?
Isn't it your nasty lust?
Isn't it your ugly greed?
Isn't it You man,
Who left her helpless?
Isn't it you man,
Who thrown her in darkness?
Isn't ...

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Another Love

when i touch you,
when i kiss you,
when i walk beside you,
when i look into your eyes,
I feel, i love you.

when i see a mother begging from door to door,
when i see a cute girl selling flower in the street,
when i see a young boy dying for a few money,

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