Kaila George

Freshman - 983 Points (20 October 1962 / New Zealand)

Kaila George Poems

1. Just A Thought... Something To Share 9/29/2011
2. Death Is Quite 10/2/2011
3. This Poem Is Dedicated To Karen Carpenter....Nightengale Of Our Times 10/12/2011
4. Have Faith In Thy Self 10/12/2011
5. Through The Eyes Of A Poet 10/12/2011
6. To Greet The Sun 10/16/2011
7. They Gave Their All 10/16/2011
8. Have You Ever Walked Through Life 10/17/2011
9. How Often Does One Dream 10/17/2011
10. Sands Of Our Land 10/17/2011
11. Do You Believe In Imagination? 10/17/2011
12. Unlocks My Heart 11/4/2011
13. She Was A Child With A Broken Heart 11/6/2011
14. For Eternity 11/12/2011
15. Whats Left Of Her Soul 11/15/2011
16. The Hawk 11/20/2011
17. You Hide From Them Your Soul 11/20/2011
18. He Pulls Me From Harm 11/20/2011
19. Astral Plight 11/22/2011
20. Why My Parents Left Their Home 11/23/2011
21. It Tell's You Lie's With A Smirk 11/23/2011
22. The Hatred Of Man 11/28/2011
23. Darkness Within 2/20/2012
24. In Response To 'I Like To Be Raped' 6/4/2012
25. Just Out Of Reach 6/4/2012
26. Dreams 6/5/2012
27. Who Knows 6/6/2012
28. Poets Expresion 6/7/2012
29. Alone 6/12/2012
30. Life Can Be Mundane 6/18/2012
31. A Dream Like State 6/19/2012
32. Love Never Die's 6/19/2012
33. Children Of The Heart 6/19/2012
34. Doubts (About Myself) 6/20/2012
35. A Little Prayer 6/20/2012
36. Changes In Time 6/20/2012
37. The After Wake 6/20/2012
38. Abuse 6/13/2012
39. Your Worth More Than Words 6/20/2012
40. You'Re Forvever In Her Dreams 6/25/2012
Best Poem of Kaila George

Can He Really See What I See

The night sky shone of glittering stars
as she gazed upon the splendor
and wondered does my true love
See the same stars I see
can he feel the same breeze
That caresses my cheeks
As I stare into the sunsets of old
Does he see how the stars
Are arranged in the sky
For star gazers to depict
What they believe is there
in the night filled skies
Does he feel the sand?
as he visits a beach
a lake that shines and glitters in the sun
Can he hear the birds that sing to thee
Sweet songs of melodies
I reach out to him
and hold him close
But ...

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Painted Eyes And Ears

All my life I walked around
with painted eyes and ears
Never really seeing what was right before my eyes
never really hearing, the shouts, the screams, the cries
the pain and anger and humiliation
was too much to bare
so I buried it deep down inside
what I saw and heard in fear

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