Kaila George

Freshman - 983 Points (20 October 1962 / New Zealand)

Kaila George Poems

361. Grandparents 7/1/2012
362. My Mother Had A Dream 7/3/2012
363. To Cut Their Lives 7/3/2012
364. Wasted Upon The Ground Of Life 6/26/2012
365. Master Of The Word 7/5/2012
366. A Pile Of Memories 7/5/2012
367. Mother Nature 6/27/2012
368. Follow Your Heart 7/4/2012
369. Just Be You 7/15/2012
370. Heart And Soul 8/24/2015
371. I Knew A Man Once 9/24/2014
372. From The Depth Of Despair 9/11/2014
373. It Made My Day.....(Sigh) 11/20/2014
374. Sea Of Clouds 12/30/2014
375. Death Of A Poet..... 4/29/2014
376. When Ever I Hear Raindrops And Thunder... 7/2/2014
377. Revenge Of The Birds 6/16/2014
378. Floating In A Sea Of Confusion 4/13/2014
379. Home Sweet Home 4/21/2014
380. You Inspire Me....Smiles 5/26/2014
381. The Return 8/8/2013
382. Crooked Halo 3/30/2014
383. Sunsets 3/30/2014
384. Inspiration 3/12/2014
385. Unveiling 3/26/2012
386. Laughter's Infectious 6/20/2012
387. I Was Told I Was Being Mean...Sorry If I Offend You. 4/10/2013
388. The Debate......Is Rap Poetry 8/6/2013
389. In Memory Of My Mum And Dad 10/17/2011
390. How Is That Ok...(Its Ok...To Rape) 11/2/2011
391. A Butterflys Life 2/20/2012
392. A Ghost Of A Memory 1/22/2013
393. Why Do Children Want To Grow 1/23/2012
394. A Smile 6/29/2014
395. Hard Work 7/4/2012
396. My Little Man 9/29/2011
397. You Must Now Walk Alone 6/4/2012
398. Why Do Things Happen 8/26/2014
399. As I Remembered Our Last Goodbyes 8/18/2014
400. Natures Delight's 9/11/2014
Best Poem of Kaila George

Can He Really See What I See

The night sky shone of glittering stars
as she gazed upon the splendor
and wondered does my true love
See the same stars I see
can he feel the same breeze
That caresses my cheeks
As I stare into the sunsets of old
Does he see how the stars
Are arranged in the sky
For star gazers to depict
What they believe is there
in the night filled skies
Does he feel the sand?
as he visits a beach
a lake that shines and glitters in the sun
Can he hear the birds that sing to thee
Sweet songs of melodies
I reach out to him
and hold him close
But ...

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Just Let Go

I knew of torment once
so long ago, was that me back then
suffering in pain, I was forced to do things
I could never remember
I was forced to be someone
outside of my own
I don’t like to say
or remember back then
how it hurt me to even just breath

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