Kaila George

Freshman - 983 Points (20 October 1962 / New Zealand)

Kaila George Poems

161. Nostalgia To Me.......... 4/5/2013
162. Embers Of Fire 4/5/2013
163. Burst Of Sunshine 4/5/2013
164. The First Glance 4/5/2013
165. The Passage Of Time 4/5/2013
166. I'M On A Natural High......Wooo....Aint Life Grand! ! ! 4/5/2013
167. Finding Myself 8/6/2013
168. Is Not Nature A Wonderful Thing? 8/6/2013
169. Through The Eyes Of An Old Man 8/6/2013
170. The Cloud Of Mist 8/6/2013
171. Neglected By Humanity 8/6/2013
172. Wishing Upon A Star 8/6/2013
173. An Amalgamation Of Thoughts 8/6/2013
174. Be Strong... And Live Your Life 4/10/2013
175. We Have The Freedom Of Speech Dont We? 4/10/2013
176. Upon The Beaten Steps Of Time 4/10/2013
177. The Hill... Inspired By Arun 8/6/2013
178. Back Down Memory Lane 8/6/2013
179. Burning Light....Dedication To My Friends....Solaces Inspired Me! 8/6/2013
180. Upon The Cusps Of Life 8/6/2013
181. Just Thinking.....A Moon-Lite Night 10/27/2013
182. He Sits Upon The Rock 10/27/2013
183. Mother Nature’s Whims 10/27/2013
184. A New Borns Point Of View 10/28/2013
185. Dedicated To All Poets That Write From The Heart 10/27/2013
186. The Epoch Of Time 10/27/2013
187. Why Do I Enjoy Life....(Inspired By Jess) 10/27/2013
188. Follow In Her Footsteps 10/27/2013
189. Putting Everything Into Perspective 1/2/2014
190. The Grain Of Time....(For Dad) 1/2/2014
191. The Evening Shade Mingles 1/2/2014
192. The Real Me 1/2/2014
193. A New Year...Happy New Year 1/2/2014
194. If.... 1/2/2014
195. Amazing Grace A Poem..(Smiles) 1/2/2014
196. A Child Speaks... 1/6/2014
197. Mine Eyes Only See 1/6/2014
198. My Muse Is... Gone! ! ! 1/2/2014
199. Reflections 1/19/2014
200. A Dedication To David Lewis Paget 2/4/2014
Best Poem of Kaila George

Can He Really See What I See

The night sky shone of glittering stars
as she gazed upon the splendor
and wondered does my true love
See the same stars I see
can he feel the same breeze
That caresses my cheeks
As I stare into the sunsets of old
Does he see how the stars
Are arranged in the sky
For star gazers to depict
What they believe is there
in the night filled skies
Does he feel the sand?
as he visits a beach
a lake that shines and glitters in the sun
Can he hear the birds that sing to thee
Sweet songs of melodies
I reach out to him
and hold him close
But ...

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Human Nature

Why dose human nature
make life a misery
Never really knowing
the paths you chose to lead

For some their lives are easy
for others not so good
The consequences of actions
often blind the good

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