Kailee Heckathorn

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Kailee Heckathorn Quotes

  • ''The true side of a man is the side women see in mirrors.''
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  • ''Life is just a illusional test made by the most Superior species.''
    Aliens are more superior, so are the governments.
  • ''Believe in the impossible, for all that you can learn will change and keep changing until the impossible will become reality.''
    Life is just not circles.

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Weakness Is Fragile

Life, is very fragile, such an imperfect way of energy to create a life, then be destroyed. Nothing that has a soul will ever be hardy, or tough enough to accept the cycle of the fragile sustainibilty of life. Even in all of the universe, weakness lurks, and the fragile side is bonded to every atom, all is fraglie and should be preserved and contro

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