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Kaitlin Schmidt Poems

1. The Sly Enemy 11/27/2011
2. The Stolen Crown 11/27/2011
3. Your Heart Is So Precious 11/28/2011
4. Broken Hearts 3/12/2012
5. Gone 4/10/2016
6. Drifting 4/10/2016
7. Abandoned Heart 6/10/2012
8. Ignorant World Open Your Eyes 11/28/2011
9. Selfishness Is What You Are 11/27/2011
10. The Painful Reflection 11/27/2011
11. Loud Silence 11/27/2011
12. Loneliness 11/25/2011
13. My Yesterday 7/31/2012
14. Superficial Security 11/27/2011
15. Smooth To The Sound Of Light 1/31/2012
16. Fighting Upstream 1/5/2012
17. Fake Smile 1/5/2012
18. Facing The Evils 11/27/2011
19. It Lingers In The Air 11/27/2011
20. My Friend, Pain 12/6/2011
21. The Darkness 11/25/2011
22. Tiny Little Toes 6/10/2012
23. Leaving Never 12/12/2011
24. Drowning Breathlessly 1/24/2012
25. The Quiet Girl 11/27/2011
26. My Realization 7/31/2012
27. I Want To Want Myself 11/28/2011
28. Imaginary 12/11/2011
29. A Final Farewell 12/17/2011
30. I Am Perfect The Way I Am 12/15/2011
31. Anxiety 12/11/2011

Comments about Kaitlin Schmidt

  • Kj Force Kj Force (1/22/2014 10:46:00 AM)

    Kaitlin...Loved the poem regarding Anxiety...and the way your words gave it life...emotions have a funny way of controlling how are body reacts to the reaction, however we are the only one who can control the emotions...you write with a passion, go girl!

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  • David Connah (1/22/2014 4:30:00 AM)

    Anxiety is a dreadful. it does not allow correct judgement. having said that TS Elliott said anxiety is the precursor of poetry, or words to that effect. Descent poem. You appear to be a fellow sufferer

  • Rick Gordon (1/21/2014 9:56:00 PM)

    I just read Anxiety, and I found it to be an intense and honest poem. It evokes sympathy and empathy and does so does so, through imagery and word play. I would suggest avoiding words like like. Impressive, nevertheless.

Best Poem of Kaitlin Schmidt


Standing still, feet planted
Body frozen, mind racing
Fear takes over
Like another entity
That controls all

It pleasures in knowing
No advancement has taken place
Nothing has been overcome just stillness

It delights in knowing
How much power it has
Over that insecure body
Manipulation will be easy

Soon anxiety sets in
Causing the body to tremble
The more intense the trembling becomes
The more the certainty declines

As the body gets sucked down
The path of anxiety
Fear becomes overjoyed
Its job is done

That little...

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It Lingers In The Air

It lingers in the air
No one wants to say
Just how much they want it to go away.

They ignore it
As if it wasn't there
Going on with their lives
Without a care.

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