Kaitlyn Rauch

Rookie (Fort Wayne)

Biography of Kaitlyn Rauch

I'm an amature poet I'm nothing special. I just love poetry if you ask me there are no bad poems. This is because in the end a poem is the reflection of a persons soul and feels therefore in the end no poem is bad. They just might need a bit of work. I draw alot of inspiration from nature love and society juat as many others do. I like to write metaphors alot of the time they are easy to understand because I normally connect it pretty well. Either that or it's been a bit over played but thats ok. Poetry is my stress reliever

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Crack the Skull of Temptation,
And leave the bones for all to see,
Let them see what has been done out of love,
and lust,
Forever they may judge,
Yet forever shall only you understand.

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