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I've been writing my poetry for around 5 years. most of my stuff is dark but not all of it. if you would like to see more of my poetry please visit me on facebook at http: //www.facebook.com/? ref=home or go to my youtube channel at kalifornia3333 (i have some funny poems on youtube if you've read my work you'll be suprised) :)

kalifornia graves's Works:

i've been published by cc&d magazine several times. I've also been published i a college newspaper and newsletter

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Cowboy Suicide

drivin down this lonely road got woman on my mind
...half a bottle of whiskey when it's finished I'll be fine
things start to get blurry and memories fill my head
if things go as I've planned them i will soon be dead
started out in Omaha when i was seventeen
he broke my ribs and kicked me out
my daddy sure was mean
as i lie there bloody in the snow one thought occurred to me
i won't end up like my old man

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