Kalyan Chatterjee Poems

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Youth And Death

One morning while I was walking beside the river
Saw some green grassed very tender.
The memory of my sweet childhood
And the memory of my parents came to my heart,

Own Image

We all bend in front of our own soul,
Like the falling star in the night sky
Or like the melting ice
That wet the leaves,

I Will Be Back

I will be back to you again
Beside the huge banyan tree
By the road near the dark-watered lake,
I will be back to you

Think Of Me

Think about me under the night sky,
When the stars will smile at your sight
Whisper my name to the soft night-breeze;
Sky is full of stars, silver Moon burns


There is a strange huge door
To which I found no key;
There is a long veil
Covered by a golden mist


Sleep gone away from my eyes
On this stormy night
Lone I am lying on my bed,
So as you


It’s the last time when I dare
To cradle your image in my mind,
To wake a dream by my heart, bare,
With exultation, shy and air,

Evening Star

Beloved of death and destruction
O, fearsome earthquake!
How terrible is your art!
Remarked the evening star,

To The Moon

Slowly you walk over the western wave
The friend of death!
Out from the misty eastern cave,
Where in the lone and sweet daylight

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