Kalyani Rajalingham (Married to Dr. Kane)

Kalyani Rajalingham (Married to Dr. Kane) Poems

1. At The Fool's Fair 2/11/2013
2. A Drop Of Blood 2/11/2013
3. A Million More 2/11/2013
4. And Ye Shall Win My Heart 2/11/2013
5. Burnt 2/11/2013
6. Agony And Joy 2/11/2013
7. A Fool Amidst The Living Lot 2/11/2013
8. Titles, Honours And High Estates 2/11/2013
9. The Young And The Aged 2/11/2013
10. Eros 2/11/2013
11. Footprints In The Sand 2/11/2013
12. Fie! 2/11/2013
13. Spider's Web 2/11/2013
14. Reflection 2/11/2013
15. The Fickle, The Hesitant And The Undecided 2/11/2013
16. My Suitor's Words 2/11/2013
17. Foe, My Friend 2/11/2013
18. As Truth Met With A Lance 2/11/2013
19. Fatal Impress 2/11/2013
20. Sounds Of Shadows Past 3/10/2013
21. * A Speck Of Sindoor And The Secret To Lasting Love 1/13/2009
22. A Child’s Path -Part One 2/21/2009
23. A Child’s Path – Part Two 3/24/2009
24. * As Flames Fashioned From Fire 4/14/2009
25. * An Echo: Its Presence Confessed 4/25/2009
26. The Old Lady 2/11/2013
27. Talk Not 2/11/2013
28. How To Forget 2/11/2013
29. Pour Mon Meilleur Ami 11/10/2012
30. Tell Me Of Love, Tell Me Of Life 12/16/2012
31. A Friend 2/11/2013

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Best Poem of Kalyani Rajalingham (Married to Dr. Kane)

A Friend

By Kalyani Rajalingham

Life can take you on wild roads

Close your eyes, and begin anew

Fate can challenge high and low tides alike

Calm your heart and let your soul guide you

Destiny can lose its grip

Hold my hands, my destiny will hold on to you

Is that not what friends do?

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A Child’s Path -Part One

By Kalyani Rajalingham

Strive, My Sweet Child, To Stand
Stand, My Tall Child, To Seize Skill And Strength from this Land
Land, My Cautious Child, To Providence does your Safety owe a Hand
Hand, My Mannered Child, To Others a Voice To Speak and Rise
Rise, My Strong Child, Rise To Command
Command, My Leading Child, To Ease Eyes that but Weep

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