Kamala Das

(31 March 1934 – 31 May 2009 / Punnayurkulam, Thrissur District in Kerala)

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  • Bijay Kant Dubey Bijay Kant Dubey (5/10/2014 11:25:00 AM)

    Her re-marriage was a drama and is a study in rampant sexuality. A scholar can never do it. How can a younger brat marry an older woman? We do not agree with on this point. Had Freud, Jung, Adler and James C. Coleman been alive, they would have definitely called her hysteric, neurotic and abnormal. A general woman cannot do it all. To do politics for poetry; for getting name and fame is not at all healthy and good. Is there nothing barring love and sex? Where this sexuality lead to ultimately? Man is not an animal, but a rational animal too. We cannot accept what Kamala says it all. Kamala should have consulted a psychiatrist as for her mental cure. Is sex all? A dog's life cannot be that of man's life. There i something to think; something to comprehend. Her abnormality, must come to an end. Sexual talks will continue to relish us as chutney or spiced junk foods or mouth freshner. Kamala should re-think her words before she says them.

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  • Bijay Kant Dubey Bijay Kant Dubey (5/10/2014 10:27:00 AM)

    The critics generally admire as for her franker treatment of love and sex, bold presentation and the confessional statements given, but on the reverse she transgresses into rampant sexuality and the butt of publicity and joke. There is nothing new as that she has written. Most of the writers have already as for gaining cheap popularity and Kamala is no exception to that. As for to be a feminist she can even rebuke, scold and insult her husband allegedly calling him one of a loose character. Something of a tomboy is in her. She likes to dress as March of The Fox novella of D.H.Lawrence. Love and sex, give and take, attraction and repulsion, attachment and detachment are thing of her consciousness. Magnetic love full of sensation and thrill is the thing of her poetry and above all, sex satisfaction burning her into flaming flames. She also loves to watch eunuch-dancing as for poetry’s sake. Kamala Das as a poetess is very, very sexual, bodily and sensual and barring sex and lover there is nothing as that to tone up metaphysically, spiritually. It was utter foolishness to submit so many dissertations on Kamala's poetry rather than other neglected and sidetracked Indian English poets. She appears to be a nervous girl; an abnormal babbling by, a drugged hippie girl. A gipsy woman's gipsy living is therein in her. People praise Pt. Ravishankar, but the treatment meted out to Annapurnadevi does not show him in a good light. Kamala here has crossed the lakshmanrekha. We generally like to hear her, not the quite humble husband and she goes lodging complaint after complaint.

The Dance Of The Eunuchs

It was hot, so hot, before the eunuchs came
To dance, wide skirts going round and round, cymbals
Richly clashing, and anklets jingling, jingling
Jingling... Beneath the fiery gulmohur, with
Long braids flying, dark eyes flashing, they danced and
They dance, oh, they danced till they bled... There were green
Tattoos on their cheeks, jasmines in their hair, some
Were dark and some were almost fair. Their voices
Were harsh, their songs melancholy; they sang of

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