Kandayia Ali

Rookie [JagudEye] (08/13/1976 / Orlando, FL)

Biography of Kandayia Ali

'VISIONARY, Self Published Author, Poet, PR Specialist, Ethics Trainer, Personal/Project Management, Marketing Specialist, Event Coordinator- Promoter, Abstract/ Surreal Artist, Mom, Motivational Speaker and Community Activist are just some of the titles she’s recognized for holding. There will be many more to follow during her journeys IN LIFE.

KANDAYIA The Artist:
Kandayia Reign-Ali (Kanday Reign) is truly a CREATIVE force to be reckoned with! Highly skilled and detailed oriented, Kandayia brings forth poetic lyrics that have reached the hearts of many, and inspire the souls of those in need of upliftment. She was born to do this! “Art, Music, Literature and Love is what keeps me alive— I’m grateful to The Creator for giving me the talents I have, and I only choose to continue to grow stronger, and share what has been so graciously given to me.”

Kandayia doesn't stop at poetry- she is writer of music, short stories, self-empowerment and spiritual awareness articles and is know far and wide for her timeless quotes and life coaching advice. 'I love people- what can I say? I just want to be able to give someone out there a reason to pick up a talent, that special gift that was so heavenly bestowed upon them- and use it to express themselves. I want to bring hope where there wasn’t any before; share my inner self with those who can relate to my hunger for life and the importance of accepting and loving yourself.'

Kandayia Ali's Works:

Pillow Soft Secrets: A Manic Journey Through Life, Love And Lust

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Narrow were the choices I have been given. They have me driven to make the decisions that I have made in my life. Whether to succeed or fail,
fall under or prevail, they are my choices... No one else hears these silent voices. Silent prayers of the heart, asking for the strength to take part in the activities that make a person an authentic work of art; I'm NOT a carbon copy; something put together so sloppy
that no one wants to be near you.

You must think and be positive, with a desire t

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