Kandayia Ali

Rookie [JagudEye] (08/13/1976 / Orlando, FL)

Kandayia Ali Poems

1. From Two To One Odds (Dedicated To Those Who Lost Multiple Children & Siblings) 12/25/2012
2. How It Was 12/25/2012
3. Motivation 12/29/2012
4. Decisions... 12/29/2012
5. Just Listen... 12/29/2012
6. Still Shining 12/29/2012
7. Idiotic Ramblings That Make Sense 12/29/2012
8. Women 12/29/2012
9. Contrary 12/29/2012
10. Driven 12/29/2012
11. More 12/29/2012
12. 1st 12/29/2012
13. In Your Eyes 12/29/2012
14. Free 12/29/2012
15. Simply Complex 12/29/2012
16. Violated 12/29/2012
17. Just Because - A Tribute To All Women 12/29/2012
18. Seeking 12/29/2012
19. Mobile Ramblings Solitude... 12/29/2012
20. Heavyweight Champs Of Life 12/29/2012
21. I Am All... 12/29/2012
22. Soul - Felt 12/29/2012

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How It Was

Our world is slowly being taken away from us through the constant recurrence of natural and national disasters. We run around in circles searching for answers- and we NEVER look to the real master, but the one we put before everything is existence-, only to see the real identity of 'govern-mental' society. Losing our homes, our lives, our loved ones, our faith just to have a piece of something we often times hate- but eat it anyway and it makes our bellies ache and some of us even throw up at the thought. Look at the war we're now fighting and the battles in the past, we've fought. ...

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Still Shining

Despite what I have been through in my life some things, no one will ever know cause I choose to keep them inside. Some things that I have trapped deep down, are now getting harder to hide. No matter what I'm feeling, no matter good or bad, there is something that's stronger than I 'think' I am. Something that now, I have to come to realize that I'

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